Kaori Seki

Kaori Seki,
Teita Iwabuchi



Choreograph / Lighting design : Teita Iwabuchi and Kaori Seki
Performers’ : Annabelle Pirlot and Milena Keller


[Performance Appearance]

November 2012 Centre national de danse contemporaine (Angers / France) / 35min


About the work

[Creation Process]

We experience various occurrences, while living.
The impression which they give first to us, and the impression after getting to know the background may change.
Obtaining the idea from the multistory thing, they made “Prismatic”


[Image text]

We cannot become others.
Therefore, We cannot but imagine. However, the imagination is only the imagination that “I” can do.
A miserable occurrence and a fortunate occurrence also have many sides.
It is like many colors being contained in a light. Even if we imagine the end, it actually doesn’t becomes so.
Therefore, I do not want to stop what imagine as on many sides as possible.


I was visible to violence. Really?
I was visible to tenderness. Really?
I was visible to sadness. Really?
I was visible to affection. Really?

Prismatic Prismatic