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©Teita Iwabuchi

Kaori Seki


Seki started classical ballet from childhood and contemporary dance at the age of eighteen.
She participated in Gaga intensive Summer course (Ohad Naharin and Batsheva dancers offer) in 2008 and 2009 in Israel.
From the beginning of her career, she has performed in the works of Un Yamada and Kakuya Ohashi etc;
then, she began to create her company works in 2009. Since 2010, Seki has been interested in working with the scent, with which she experiments how to appeal to the audience directly.
Seki is co-founder of dance company “MURE”, which was established in 2007 with the artists of the same generation; and she has been eagerly collaborating with other artists, such as Teita Iwabuchi and Minako Kimura.
She received support of the French Embassy and was in residence at CNDC (Centre National de Dance Contemporaine – Angers) for four months in 2012.

Choreographer’s Notes:

I seek to understand what kind of feelings occur around the body, whether within or outside.
These feelings occurred in individuals will result in the movements, which may seem like the ones of insects or animals.
The movements will launch the world of unique perspective, reaching directly the physiological desire of the human (and the audience).
Today, with the rapid progress of the technology, there exists the possibilities of experimenting without heading to the place;
however, I believe that there are things that cannot be shared without actually sharing the spaces.
With this belief, I continue to create the performance.
By using the subtle sounds or dark lightings that are very difficult to record, or by leading the audience to watch the performances using their own senses and bodies,
I hope to share the time with the audience as the same body mass, and I hope that my work will encourage to evoke the memories from their body feelings.
Since 2010, emphasizing to work with the materials that cannot be recorded, I have started to perform with the aroma.
It has been a great challenge to see how the scent will work out on the senses of the audience, as well as their memories.


“The Grand prix” (Next Generation Choreographer Award.) – Toyota Choreography Award, 2012 (“Marmont”)
“The French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers” – Yokohama Dance Collection EX, 2012(“Hetero” – co-choreographed with Teita Iwabuchi)
“Lab Award” – ST spot Yokohama, 2008 (“Yuki-chan”)